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We want you to be proud of your profession, no matter what it is. We will provide you with the direction in your professional career that you need.


We want to ensure that all our clients will have what it takes in today’s industry. Confidence is key after all. At WhoCons we will do just that. Give you confidence in your abilities. A platform for leaders.


At our organization, our clients are able to pick what tasks and experience they wish to undertake. Independence is a really important aspect that we believe in.

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What Do We Provide You?

Professional Portfolio

A provision of professional templates will be provided at your disposal to make you stand out in your field.

Internship Placements

We will be working in collaboration with our partner companies to ensure that an Internship Placement is secured for you to apply the theoretical knowledge which you have learned in your studies to the real working environment. In the event an Internship Placement is not found we will absorb you into our firm.

Analytical Tests

A number of analytical based tests will also be provided, including case studies that is required to be solved in real time. We will train and ensure that you will be more proficient in solving the problems that employees face in the working environment.

Mock HR Interviews

We would provide you with a simulation of a job interview, what to expect, how to answer, what to do and many more communication based skills that you can learn.

MBTI Analysis

We also provide you with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test to understand what roles and responsibilities you would be compatible with in the working environment and provide you with an analysis based on your options.

Comprehensive Reports

We will be providing you with a number of comprehensive reports on your progress in our firm to ensure that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses that we can help you work upon.


Our main goal here is to assist you with your needs be it personal or professional, as a consulting platform we will offer these services as part of our https://gradescout.com package.

Task Bank

We will give you access to our diverse range of tasks and services that you can choose from and use in accordance to your professional (work experience) or personal needs.


We will evaluate you based on the tasks you have accomplished and award you with a certificate of recognition on your contributions to our organization.

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This experience has helped me in innovative ways.

Sum Yung Ho

Would most definitely recommend them if you need work experience.

Mohamed Yaseer

This literally changed the way I look at employment opportunities.

Boonrod Thammadecha